Adobe media encoder announce support .mxf video format (cs4, cs5, cc)

Support Video Format

Some video files named like, MOV、AVI、MXF、FLV and F4V,Which does not mean an audio/video format, but means a video container. The container includes files about codec configration, compression method, Take MXF for example, it is infact a container of MPEG-2 video encoded and AC3 Audio compressed. Adobe media encoder can load mxf videos infact, but which need u have some video decoder preinstalled on your computer, adobe media encoder itself does not pre-installed mxf container decoder.The profession decoder mainly in MXF, is calibrate and mxf4mac, and general video player, like codecplayer, vlc player.

Supported video & animation formats list:


GIF (GIF) animation

DLX (Sony VDU video container,only Windows)

DV (in the container of MOV or avi or dv stream)

Note: FLV format contains MP3 audio encoded On2 VP6 or Sorenson Spark,F4V contain H.264 encoded video and AAC video encoded

M2T (Sony HDV)

MOV (QuickTime)


Note:Adobe media encoder can not read all of these container, like .mov and .vob, under this situation, we need change the extention name to media encoder readable video foramt, like mpeg-2, etc.

Note: MXF is a container, Adobe Media Encoder can only partcial files, Adobe Media Encoder can read mxf sourced from Panasonic DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50 DVCPRO. HD Panasonic P2, Op-Atom Adobe Media Encoder,MXF XDCAM HD

Netshow (ASF,only Windows)

QuickTime (MOV;16 bpc, QuickTime must have)

Video for Windows (AVI、WAV;Mac QuickTime)
Note: Adobe Media Encoder can not read DivX® videos or DivX encoded AVI files。

WMV (WMV、WMA、ASF;only Windows)

Audio format support

Adobe Sound Document (ASND; multitrack file reads combined into single track)

Advanced Audio Coding (AAC, M4A)

Audio Interchange File Format (AIF, AIFF)

AVI (Audio Video Interleave Format)

WAV (Waveform Audio)


MOV (QuickTime; On Windows, use the QuickTime player)

Windows Media Audio (WMA, only Windows)

Video for Windows (AVI, WAV; Mac operating systems need to use QuickTime)

Support still image and sequence file formats

Adobe Media Encoder supports 8 yuan / color version (4 yuan / pixel) and 16 yuan / color version (8 bits / pixel) still image files. It will lower bit depth image into 8 yuan / color version of the image, and the high bit depth image is converted into 16 bits / color version of the image. High bit depth profiles by single-precision floating-point / color version (16 yuan / pixel) support.

Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop sequence (PSD)

Sequence of bitmaps and bitmap (BMP, DIB, RLE)


Icon file (ICO) (only Windows)

JPEG and JPEG sequence (JPE, JPG, JFIF)

PICT and PICT sequence (PIC, PCT)

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

Targa and Targa sequence (TGA, ICB, VDA, VST)

TIFF and TIFF sequence (TIF)

Note: You can use multiple layers of Illustrator and Photoshop files are read in sequence.
Supported file formats video project

Adobe Premiere Pro (PRPROJ)

After Effects Project (AEP)